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Rosita's Tips For Cleansing Your Home (Energetically)

Hello Everybody, I would like to share with you some tips that I do every month in my home for cleansing my space from some dense energies that are not meant to be here! The process is very easy, just need some candles, sage, crystals, herb incense, faith and lots of love!

I prefer to do it when I am alone, during the day, with no distractions, but you will decide the best moment, just follow your intuition! And is important to perform it during the day, in a sunny day, if it is possible...

Every time I do a cleansing in my home, I feel such a positive energy, and everybody in my family seems to be more motivated and calm, so it really works!

Tip #1 - Physical Cleaning (Yeah...My Mom Was Right!)

My mom used to say this phrase when we were little kids (we were three sisters and one brother): "if you guys leave dirt dishes overnight the angels will not come to protect us and the house". We were kind of lazy kids that time but we were so motivated with the angels visit that we did a schedule so we could take turns for cleaning the dishes every night.

So, first step is to clean and organize the entire house, there is no sense doing a spiritual cleansing in your home if everything is messy, right?

Put a spiritual music to play during all the steps, but to tell you guys the truth I always use the same playlist " Adiemus" by Karl Jenkins, all the songs are so strong and so spiritual and it really motivates myself!

Tip #2 - Crystals

If you have some crystals just wash them with water, then place them outside for cleansing and energizing by the sun rays. Crystals absorb energy so keep them outside until the entire process is completed.

Some crystals such as selenite, desert rose, calcite, etc., cannot be washed with water, for example you can use sage smudge for clearing them instead. I will write more about crystals in my next posts.

Tip #3 - Energize Yourself

It is very important that you feel yourself energized, so after the physical cleaning, relax a little bit, meditate, wear white if possible, or light clothes. As a Brazilian, I prefer to wear white clothes only, you know we have so many superstitions!

Say a prayer, protect yourself visualizing a white light of protection covering you and the room, ground your energy.

Tip #4 - The Cleansing

Now, let's do it! I am excited!

Start closing all windows and doors, in the living room, hands on prayer, set your intention for cleansing your home from any dense, negative energy that does not serve for the best good and health of yourself and your family, say a prayer that you feel called at this moment, if your are a Reiki practitioner you can draw the power symbol in your hands, walls, doors and windows.

Then, with open arms visualize a violent light coming to your head, room and the entire house, then visualize a white light coming to you and to the entire house, finally visualize a gold ray coming to the room and house, and with love and compassion cleansing your entire home.

Then with the sage burning inside a ball walk through your entire home, every room, including bathrooms, praying and mentalizing that your intention for the cleansing is flowing to the universe with the sacred smoke of the sage (you can use a herb incense if you do not like white sage), and the fire is burning all the negativities and impurities.

Tip #5 - Finishing and Thanking

Give thanks to the universe, God, your angels and guides, then open the windows, light a candle and a herb incense, walk to all rooms and them placed them in the living room (do not blow out the candle, use your fingers instead to do it).

Bring your crystals inside, holding each one and asking for protection for you and your family.

If you burned sage or another herb, placed them in the garden, to the universe.

Have a shower and feel the water purifying and cleansing.

And that is it, the spiritual cleansing is done! I hope you guys have enjoyed it, and if you have any doubts please contact me.

Check my website for more tips about crystals and holistic therapies and courses.

See you soon!!


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